Nők a Tudományban Egyesület

The Association of Hungarian Women in Science (NaTE) is a Hungarian NGO established in 2008. It has a national network with close to 100 members. Its members are researchers, university professors, engineers, department heads and institutional directors from all areas of science and innovation. The Association participates actively in the national and international processes of social innovation which contribute to bringing science and innovation closer to the whole society; making possible that young people choose education and career most suitable for their talent; making equal opportunities an unavoidable measure of value in research and innovation; building a multicultural, balanced research society.

The aims of the Association are:

  • Increasing the ratio, representation and decision-making role of women in scientific research and innovation
  • Analysing the background and conditions of gender equality in the area of research, technology and innovation
  • Supporting the scientific/technical career of women
  • Awareness raising and changing of public opinion/attitude
  • Contributing to increase the number of the new generation of researchers and engineers
  • Raising the support of women’s scientific career to national programme level

Present and future tasks of the Association of Hungarian Women in Science are:

  1. Provide assistance and support for women in their scientific or technologic career (advising, mentoring, etc.)
  2. Organize interactive open days (Girls’s Day) to increase the ratio of female students at STEM faculties and of women in research and innovation
  3. Developing a country-wide Ambassador Network of high school female students
  4. Organize events raising awareness on equal opportunities in science and innovation
  5. Introduce inspiring role models
  6. Adapt and put into practice international good practices
  7. Collect and provide data on the equality of woman researchers
  8. Initiate and continue collaborations with universities, research institutes and companies with the aim of changing attitude

The Association has a wide international network. It is member organisation the European Platform of Women Scientists (EPWS) and the local National Point of Contact of the European Centre for Women and Technology (ECWT)

Contact persons:

dr. Dóra Groó

Katalin Füleki