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How to use

Welcome to EFFORTI Toolbox v2.0

A few words about EFFORTI

EFFORTI (Evaluation Framework for Promoting Gender Equality in Research & Innovation) seeks to analyze and model the influence of measures to promote Gender Equality (GE) on research and innovation outputs and on establishing more responsible and responsive RTDI (Research, Technology, Development, Innovation) systems, through a novel and detailed evaluation framework.

This toolbox with measurable indicators at team, organization and system levels will assist you and show you how and with which indicators the manifold effects of different gender equality measures can be measured.

This dynamic toolbox with ideal effect models and indicator catalogue for general effect assumptions, can lead you through different paths, starting from an objective or interventions, categories outcomes, etc., thus leading to a Roadmap.

Using the EFFORTI Toolbox, makes it possible to compile a customized gender equality intervention programme or evaluation design and to simulate ideal-type processes, outcomes and impacts.

This part of the toolbox is in essence the “impact stories” knowledge-base which provide the user with the necessary tools to understand ‘how’ gender equality measures are supposed to work and will support the formulation of programme theories.

So are you ready to be guided through the tool? Just click “START” to begin the tour.




I have one or more OBJECTIVE and recommend me interventions.
I want to evaluate an INTERVENTION



Please select the objectives that fit your needs using the tickbox, in order to get to the relevant interventions, by selecting the relevant. You can expand the description of an objective by clicking on the arrow next to the title.



Please select the interventions that are relevant to your measure using the corresponding tickbox and proceed to the overview. You can expand the description of an intervention by clicking on the arrow next to the title.



You can expand the overview of an intervention by clicking on the arrow next to the title.