Klaus Schroeder

Klaus Schroeder


Strategic Innovation Director, partner/CEO

Klaus Schroeder is the Strategic Innovation Director, partner/CEO at design-people.

As a dedicated design professional, Klaus Schroeder has developed numerous award winning product- and digital designs for professional products, health- and consumer products. Today he is leading design-people’s innovation team that translates user insights into innovative concepts for how users will interact with tomorrow’s technology. Based in Denmark, design-people works for companies like KONE, Kenwood, Nilfisk, Danfoss, Microsoft, Vertu and LG Electronics.

Klaus Schroeder has been responsible for design-people’s research and development project “Female Interaction” that from 2009-12 developed case studies and guidelines for gender responsive tech-innovation. The results were presented for the UN and at international conferences and published as a guidebook. This initiative led to Klaus Schroeder’s involvement in the EU COST Gender STE program (2012-16), where he represents Denmark as an expert in gender & innovation and leads a Task Force for innovation in industry.