Country Reports on Gender Equality in Research & Innovation available online


The Country Reports analyze the framework conditions for gender equality in Austria, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Hungary, France and Sweden.

Particular emphasis is placed on:

  • the structure and performance of the research and innovation system,
  • gender equality policies in the labour market and welfare policies related to reproductive work and childcare,
  • the governance and existing policies of gender equality in RTDI and
  • the evaluation culture and policy especially in the field of gender equality in RTDI.

The conditions in the respective countries are contrasted in a Comparative Report. The comparison shows that the share of women in the labour market is very similar in the compared countries but differs regarding full-time and part-time orientation of women. This is mainly influenced by the division of labour related to housework and family care, labour market policies and the availability of childcare facilities. The share of women in R&D differs widely among the countries and is highest in Spain. Although the absolute number of female researchers has been growing in all countries, data shows that the RTDI sector in some countries is more attractive for women than in others. In EFFORTI the results of the Country Notes are used to identify important context factors for its theory-driven evaluation approach.

You can find the Country Notes and the Comparative Report here