EFFORTI in EuroScience Open Forum Conference 2018

A gender scholar’s visit to ESOF 2018: she came, she saw, she ranted

PhD Ea Høg Utoft from the Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy went, as representative of the EFFORTI project, to this year’s EuroScience Open Forum Conference 2018 (ESOF) in Toulouse, France, 9-14 July.


Although pleased that gender equality in research was widely addressed at ESOF, Ea was far from happy about the way that this issue was discussed. She turned her frustration into a blog post which is now published via EuroScientist.


In her theory-informed auto-ethnographic account, Ea relates her experience of participating at ESOF.

She argues that the manner in which gender equality was addressed at the conference is not only problematic but potentially counter-productive to the intended purpose of promoting women in research careers. Ea unfolds why she finds this to be the case, based on three guiding questions:


1. Can we please stop talking about women’s lack of confidence?!

2. Where are discussions of men and masculinities in all of this?

3. Where are all the gender in organisation/gender in higher education scholars?



Ea’s ‘flash presentation’ at the ESOF main stage about EFFORTI (July 13 2018) is available here:



Read Ea’s blog post here: https://www.euroscientist.com/a-gender-scholars-visit-to-esof-2018-she-came-she-saw-she-ranted