Launch of the EFFORTI toolbox and final conference in Brussels

Final Conference

The EFFORTI-Toolbox is here! The toolbox supports programme designers, evaluators and scientists with comprehensive information on possible gender equality measures in research and innovation and their versatile effects. Part of the toolbox is a log frame generator that supports users in developing and visualizing their own program theories.

From 21 to 22 May 2019, the final international conference of EFFORTI took place in Brussels. The event brought together over 50 participants from politics and administration, science and business to discuss the EFFORTI toolbox and future directions for gender equality and evaluation policies in Europe.

Please help us to distribute the EFFORTI-Tool: Try it out at here and let us know how you use it for your work.

Documents of the Closing Conference:

1.      Susanne Bührer et al.: Introduction to EFFORTI – Main elements and main results

2.      Charis Vassiliou: Short Introduction of the Online Toolbox

3.      Suzanne de Cheveigné: Gender equality as cross-cutting issue – Lessons learned from the interim evaluation of H2020

4.      Mita Marra: What a Meso Framework can offer for assessing Gender Equality in R&I

5.      Susanne Bührer & Martina Schraudner: Key messages and leassons learned from EFFORTI

Other documents like the Context Factor Guideline or the Performance Effects of Gender Equality can be found here